Solarpod 240 + 60W Rigid Solar Panel

Solarpod 240 is an ultra-compact and lightweight solar power station. Great for backup power at your home, office, or as a mobile solar generator wherever you want to be. The 240Wh battery capacity enables self-sufficiency when off-the-grid. The powerful 250W Modified Sine Wave output is more than enough to support your major electronic devices and camp lights. Take Solarpod™ anywhere to provide portable power where you need it.

The 60W foldable panel is designed to work with your Solarpod™ creating a mobile solar charging station. To use simply unfold and place in the sun then angle the feet to match the exact direction of the sun’s rays. This set up allows for greatest efficiency. When finished just fold away and store in a safe place.

On one full charge Solarpod 240 can power:

Laptop Computer: 7 Hours Additional Usage
Mobile Phone: 40 Full Charges


Product Weight : 4.3 kg / 9.5 lbs
Dimensions : 255 x 195 x 110 mm / 10” x 7.7” x 4.3”
Battery : LiFePO4
Power Capacity : 12V 20Ah / 240Wh
Rated Input : DC 14.6V / 5A (10A Max)
Rated Output : 250W Pure Sine Wave with one 110V or 230V electrical outlet, 12V 15A car adaptor &
two 5V 2A USB ports
Charging time : 4½ hours by AC/DC adaptor, 5 hours by one 60W solar panel (under optimal sunlight conditions), 10 hours by DC car adaptor
Life-span : 2000+ cycles 
Package includes : User manual, carrying case, AC/DC charger, replacement fuses. DC/DC car adaptor (optional) 

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